Health and Wellness Counseling Associates is located in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago and specializes in providing a holistic approach to mental health for successful entrepreneurs and “Type A” professionals. Our psychotherapy work focuses primarily on helping clients with anxiety issues, addictive/compulsive behaviors and relationship concerns. Our health coaching services focus on improving digestion (which is very connected to mental health!) and reducing compulsive eating behaviors.

We believe mental health comes from many sources, which all interact with each other. These include: quality sleep, good nutrition, varied exercise, relaxation, healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, spiritual practices…and fun!

While there is no such thing as “perfect balance,” sometimes we may need to team up with a professional to help get ourselves back on track physically, mentally or emotionally.  Our staff provides a strengths-based, solution-focused and holistic approach to reaching your goals.

  • Primary Contact

    1200 N. Ashland, Suites 400A&B Chicago, IL 60622
    Email: info@hwcaofchicago.com
    Phone: 773-850-2295